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RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Handicapping Video Demo

RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping Software allows you to generate reports in minutes! You can reduce your handicapping time from hours to minutes by easily filtering out horses that meet your handicapping criteria. Don't believe us? Check out the RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping Demo and our other videos here: RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping Software Videos

RaceAnalyser Software
Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping

RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Horse Racing Handicapping Software

is an automated race handicapping software tool.

With our thoroughbred handicapping software you will reduce your time handicapping races from hours to minutes. You can also apply your own thoroughbred handicapping systems to streamline results.

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  • Reduce your time to handicap races from hours to minutes!

    Use our custom Race Builder Filter Strategy to quickly focus in on horses that meet your thoroughbred handicap criteria.

  • Research new angles on Past Performance Files and Results.

    When handicapping thoroughbreds use our thoroughbred racing software to apply your new handicapping angles against historical Trackmaster™ Past Performance and Results files to quickly filter out the winners!

  • Export Results to CSV for More Detailed Analysis

    If you want to apply your own thoroughbred handicapping systems to further weed out the winners, you can export the results to a CSV file, that can be easily read by Microsoft Excel ™.

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