RaceAnalyser Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping Software

RaceAnalyser Software Features

Thoroughbred Horse Handicapping Software at its best!

RaceAnalyser is thoroughbred handicapping software that reads TrackMaster™ Past Performance (PP) data files for past and upcoming races, and result files. It allows you to apply your own handicapping rules to past races to determine if your handicapping criteria will produce a winning combination. By creating Custom Reports, you can filter horses matching your handicapping criteria in a matter of minutes and your time taken handicapping races will be drastically reduced.

TrackMaster Files

TrackMaster™ files allow you to filter out the horses you want to focus on using a wide range of thoroughbred handicap criteria.

Handicapping Races

You can handicap thoroughbred races based on the following range of criteria:

Race Options:

High-low ranges for: Purse, Claiming Amount. Values for: Race Distance, Race Surface, Race Conditions, Bet Options, Race Types

Contender Qualities:

Flag for: blinkers on or off, first time lasix, only horse with first time lasix, horse adding weight today, horse dropping weight today, horse dropping class today, only horse dropping in class, horse odds has +, L or B, only early speed today, only first time starter today, sex of horse, superior class horse, lowest Last Race days, last race favorite, 2nd back favorite, best finish in last race, bullet last workout, bullet after last race, only bullet workout in last race, claimed last start, claimed in 2nd race back, claimer score dropper, early speed in last race, early speed that faded in last race, high early speed count from race history, highest comparable speed rating for last race, highest comparable speed rating on same surface, highest Foden adjusted speed, highest equibase speed figure, horse showed closing ability in last race, highest closing ability count, only horse that showed closing ability in last race, Foden mover, highest class level in last race, highest class true dropper, only horse with last race unique track, top Foden adjusted speed, top equibase speed figure.

Workout options:

High-low ranges for: Only horse workout 60 days, remaining horses workout 60 days, workout 60 days, workout 3 weeks, workout days, last workout distance, last workout time, most recent workout. Values for: last workout track, last workout track conditions.

Last Race Options:

High-low ranges for: Last race finish, last race days ago, last race position 1st call, last race length 1st call, last race position 2nd call, last race length 2nd call, last race position 3rd call, last race length 3rd call, last race final time, last race actual time, last race actual time call 1, last race actual time call 2, last race length between 1st and 2nd call, last race length between 3rd call and finish/beaten, last race length between 1st and 2nd call or 3rd call and finish/beaten. Values for last race comments.

Horse Options:

High-low ranges for: Number of Horses in race, Career Start for horses, odds, age, class drop, Foden adjusted speed, equibase speed figure, days to most recent claim, claim amount of most recent claim, total earnings at this track, total earnings at distance on surface, earnings in off tracks, starts this year, wins this year, places this year, shows this year, earnings per start this year, earnings per start last year, only horse in race 60 days, races in past 60 days. For this year and last year: start percentage, win percentage, show percentage, ITM percentage, ROI percentage, ROI Amount. Values for Odds containing, processing comments.

For more detailed information, please read the user documentation

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